Equitable Divorce Made Clear with the MDS Financial Portrait

The MDS Team invites you to form an alliance with us so that we, together, can change the way people approach the divorce process. Divorces are often overwhelming, and the financial consequences can be devastating. Organized essential documents and data yields increased financial clarity. This financial clarity dramatically increases your chances of helping your clients arrive at a resolution that fully addresses their long-term financial goals.

Together, we can provide a more efficient, financially clear, cost-effective, and less stressful process – for you and your clients.

Why the MDS Financial Portrait™?

The divorce process requires both financial data and supporting documents. Financial experts typically focus on the data assessment, the financial effects, and building scenarios. The legal team is tasked with the enormity of collecting, sorting, and assembling the financial documents to support the data. The MDS Financial Portrait™ integrates both approaches and provides a comprehensive view of the data and the supporting documents in a format that is foundational to the parties and their divorce professionals. This unified approach provides financial clarity that enables informed decisions throughout the divorce process.

The MDS Financial Portrait™ helps you and your clients develop a transparent plan to optimize the outcome of their financial decisions.

What is the MDS Financial Portrait™?

The MDS Financial Portrait™ provides your clients with a rock-solid financial foundation. 

As the divorce professional, you can use this tool to easily interpret marital and non-marital assets and liabilities, income, and expenses. The MDS Financial Portrait™ serves as the blueprint when considering the various scenarios, alternatives, and consequences of your clients’ financial decisions.

With your input, your clients can select from two levels of the MDS Financial Portrait™ as follows:

MDS Financial Portrait™ – Self-Certified

The MDS Financial Portrait™ – Self-Certified provides your clients with a comprehensive financial checklist and clear instructions supported by feedback from our team via a secure client portal. This self-directed process of gathering information is complete when your clients certify that all information, including key and supporting documents, is accurate and complete. This method allows individuals and couples to save time and money by doing most of the legwork of collecting their financial records. The information and documents are then submitted to MDS experts who assemble, assess, and complete the MDS Financial Portrait™ – Self-Certified. This neutral and unbiased Portrait is specifically suited for uncontested divorces.

MDS Financial Portrait™ – Third-Party Certified

The MDS Financial Portrait™ – Third-Party Certified provides additional services to your clients who need or want extra support and advice. Your clients will have one-on-one access to the MDS Team to help them gather and assemble their financial information and documents. We will also provide our expertise to review, interpret, and verify your clients Portrait. The MDS Financial Portrait™ – Third-Party Certified is applicable to the following:

  • Uncontested Divorce;
  • Contested Divorce; and/or
  • A spouse who would benefit from guided financial advice and support.

What is included?

*if applicable (additional fees may be assessed for more complex reporting)

What are Key Documents?

Key documents are permanent financial documents that evidence ownership of property, insurance contracts, business entities, and owner’s agreements.

What are Supporting Documents?

Supporting documents are financial documents that demonstrate the value of any asset, liability, income, or expense, on a certain date/time.

Key Benefits of the MDS Financial Portrait™

Help Your Client Consider:

  • Personal vs. Marital Property
  • Valuing and Dividing Property
  • Retirement Accounts and Pensions
  • Calculations for Spousal and Child Support
  • Splitting the Marital Home and other Real Estate
  • Tax Implications
  • Short- and Long-Term Effects of Dividing Property
  • Pension and Retirement Plan Issues
  • Assumptions for Projecting Inflation and Rates of Return
  • And Much More

With a Third-Party Certified portrait, your clients will receive a personalized assessment directly from their MDS financial team. This Portrait enables you to provide innovative and creative strategies for your clients.

We do NOT provide legal advice; therefore, the MDS Financial Portrait does not replace the need for legal representation in the divorce process.

Key Components of the MDS Financial Portrait™
  • Inventory of Supporting and Key Documents with Digital Secured File for Access
  • Key Assumptions and Definitions for Projecting Inflation and Rates of Return
  • Financial Affidavit (state specific)
  • Table of Agreed and Non-Verified Valuations
  • Report of Recommendations and Considerations
  • Divorce Checklist Confirmation of Documents Provided
  • Budget Report
  • Division of Marital Property Report
  • Marital and Separate Report
  • Property Statement
  • Division Scenarios*
  • Spousal and Child Support Calculations based on Provided Financial Data*
  • Other Necessary Reports Specific to the Marital Estate*
  • Graphs and Additional Custom Reports as Required to Support Retirement Account Assessments*

*Upon request at additional cost

What Might Seem Equal May NOT Be Equitable

Getting an analysis showing the short and long-term implications of different settlement proposals with expenses, taxes, inflation and investment earnings factored in, allows your client to make informed decisions.

Predictable Pricing for the Highest Quality Service

The MDS Financial Portrait™ is flat fee, based on algorithms specific to the complexity of your clients’ financial estate. This product provides your clients with predictable costs and the highest quality service.

The average case involves about twenty hours of assessment and analysis by the MDS Team. Extra charges may apply for business evaluations, real estate appraisals, unique asset evaluations, and legal liaison services.

Let’s work together!

The MDS Financial Portrait™ helps your clients make financially-smart decisions during the divorce process.

The MDS Financial Portrait™ plays a versatile role by illuminating financial nuances and catching oversights that may occur given the complexities of divorce. This includes providing expert insight on the short- and long-term impact of dividing property, addressing pension and retirement plans, and helping create a realistic budget and future lifestyle plan. The MDS Financial Portrait™ outlines the core areas of asset distribution: the division of retirement benefits and settlement structure in a tax-advantageous manner.

What are the key takeaways for you as a divorce professional?

  • Your clients’ improved financial clarity increases your chances of helping them succeed.
  • Helping your clients appreciate the financial consequences of divorce also helps them reach and understand a resolution that benefits their long-term financial goals.
  • Using the MDS Financial Portrait™ as the financial blueprint frees up your time to focus on the issues at hand.

Email us at hello@mydivorcesolution.com to discuss how we can work together to provide a clear path to those who are thinking about or navigating the divorce process.