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We teach you how to master the divorce process.

We are divorce specialists with over 40 years combined experience crafting successful outcomes for our private clients. We‘ve created a Divorce Masterclass to transfer our expertise to you so you can be in the driver’s seat and get to the best stage of your life faster.


The DivorceU Online Course  

You are feeling scared, guilty or angry and completely overwhelmed. The complexity and pitfalls of divorce seem insurmountable. What you need right now more than anything is clarity and an informed view of the path ahead.

So many books and websites offer competing information, and everyone seems to be focusing on your emotions when you know that what you need right now is real financial and strategic support.

We saw a need to create a “Divorce 101” style course to simplify and support this major life challenge. Our goal is to transfer our divorce expertise to you as effectively as possible at your own pace and on your own terms.


Craft the best financial outcome for yourself and your children


Cut through the noise of divorce advice and planning and learn from real experts


Get through the process as quickly and affordably as possible

Meet your instructors

Catherine Shanahan is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, trained mediator and Daily Money Manager and has been working in the financial industry for over 25 years. Catherine has dedicated the past several years to helping clients understand and navigate all aspects of divorce including planning a secure financial future post-divorce.

Karen Chellew is a legal liaison, experienced paralegal and QDRO administrator. She is an affiliated member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Karen is passionate about helping clients assemble the right team including alignment with the right attorney and other professional services. Karen also founded a women’s organization called Sisters U which focuses on helping women be their best.

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Course outline

You won’t find a course like ours anywhere else. When we were experiencing our own divorces, this is information we eagerly sought – but could not find. We were left to experience divorce alone, without the support, guidance, or information we needed during this life-transition.

We created this course to be easy, convenient and comprehensive. This is the information we wish we’d had when we were going through it.


On the Cusp of Divorce

Complete a personal assessment to determine where you are in this process. 


All About Separation

Overview of the separation process, what to look out for and how to use separation as a platform for your divorce.


Time for Divorce

The divorce process is broken down. Learn what’s coming and how to prepare for each stage.


Let’s Get Clear

Your assets & liabilities. Knowing what you have and owe is the key to creating a solid financial plan.


What’s Yours, Mine or Ours?

Learn about property and asset division. Get clear on what you have coming to you.


Chosing the Right Representation

Do you use a Mediator or an Attorney? Which is best for your situation.



Hiring the Right Attorney

Key questions to ask an attorney during the interview process to make the best choice.


Get the Support You Need

All things Alimony. Know the pros and cons including long term tax implications so you can make an informed choice.


Looking Out for Your Children

Child support & custody. Our lifestyle analysis budget will allow you to make the best choices for their future.


The Basic Steps of Divorce

A summary overview of all you’ve learned. Now you know divorce. 


Life After Divorce

We walk you through some important “spring cleaning” tips to ensure that the rest of your life is the best of your life.

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“Thank you for what you did. You and this course have given me the knowledge I need to stand up for myself.”

Samantha Alexopoulos, DivorceU Graduate

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Karen and Catherine listened to me, understood immediately what I was up against and created a roadmap so I could see what was coming. This took all the pressure off, they were literally the first people I spoke to who made me feel like I would be ok, and I was more than ok. By the time it was over I was actually in a better place financially than I had ever been in my life! And their cost was more than paid for by the legal fees I saved… Sarah Anderson-James

Former Client, Mother of three

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