Our Mission to Change Divorce

My Divorce Solution was founded by two women, Catherine Shanahan and Karen Chellew. We believe divorce doesn’t need to be a contentious, expensive legal battle.

We both went through divorce, saw a broken legal process, and created My Divorce Solution so families don’t have to experience divorce alone, afraid, and uniformed.

We help divorcing couples to have clear picture of their full marital estate. This means they can understand the long-term consequences of the choices they make when they’re dividing money, so they can reach the best outcome for themselves and their family

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Why We’re Different
From All The Other
Divorce Professionals

We have developed a unique methodology to help every divorcing person have access to information and an opportunity to understand the impact of their financial decisions before they are made. One benefit of working with us is that we help people prepare BEFORE they start to make decisions or discuss the next steps that will shift the balance of power within their relationship.

Working with us will save you thousands of dollars in legal and professional fees, and the foundation of honesty and transparency that our process creates will lead to a more balanced relationship with your ex once your divorce is concluded.

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How We Are Disrupting
The Divorce Industry

At the moment, the divorce sector does not work to the benefit of divorcing people. People and families are sometimes bullied or subjected to financial abuse from their spouses or from divorce professionals. There’s a default to “it’s the system” when a problem occurs.

We’re two women who decided to disrupt the divorce industry for the benefit of the individuals, and ultimately the children and grandchildren of divorce.

We’ve created a streamlined methodology for sharing and collecting financial information and understanding the future impact of how finances are divided that leads to divorces that are more equitable, cost-effective, and less long drawn out.

Our Inspiration

We want to be part of a bigger change in the world in which people will find ways to resolve conflict from a place of confidence and knowledge instead of anger and judgment.

As the dialogue around divorce changes on a nationwide scale – lessening the stigma – we want the divorce sector to evolve from the ego and arrogance that characterizes it at the moment, so that divorces can be founded on facts supported by data. This way finances can be founded on facts supported by data. This way finances can be dealt with sensibly and realistically in a process that is based on knowledge and doing what’s best for the family as a whole.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

"They're easy to work with, compassionate and understanding, good listeners, and they go at your speed. I felt very comfortable with them. They assess where you are emotionally and work in alignment with that. It's a personalized service - aligned to your physical, mental, financial situation, and very responsive."

"I was surprised to learn of this service and very thankful. Having someone on your side - they understand what you're going through - makes such a difference. They told me the honest truth in a professional manner. They had my back."

I just want you guys to know how valuable it is to me that I have you for support and I know you have my back. With all of the criticism and pushback I get from family and friends, it's always great to know you are there for me
"Going through your process was the best investment I ever made in myself! I was so prepared, and I felt in control for the first time in my life when talking about my finances."
"I would recommend their services unwaveringly. I wish I would have known they could have helped me sooner. It would have given me more confidence and saved me $$$. It's amazing the service they provide."