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“I wish I knew you guys when I was going through my divorce because money scared me!”

Caroline Strawson, Narcissistic Abuse & Trauma Recovery:

“I know for me when I was going through my divorce, I really, really could have used you! My ex-husband is an accountant and so he handled all our finances. Even though I was comfortable with budgets and worked with a 3-million-dollar budget in my corporate world, dealing with a personal budget is very, very different.”

Jasmine Rice, Founder of Good Things Are Gonna Come & Professional Coach

“I wish I would have had that when I was getting divorced (Page of definitions in Divorce Financial Portrait) because my lawyer was saying all of these words and I had no idea what they were... I didn’t even know what the orders were about or what I was asking for. Terrible!”

Jackie Pilossoph, Editor and Chief of Divorced Girl Smiling

“Hiring and bringing an expert in to do these reports (Divorce Financial Portrait) and having this information is critical to many cases as far as getting them moving quickly and efficiently.”

Joseph Willmore, California Certified Family Law Specialist

“Particularly with our grey divorces, or our party’s facing retirement who are divorcing in large numbers, who like our process because it is efficient and out of court and they need to understand their retirement assets. What is their budget moving forward? What does social security look like? What are the different tax consequences of their accounts? I didn’t learn that in law school! So that’s why we have CDFAs just like My Divorce Solution on our team to help us give that professional information for our clients to rely upon.”

Tracy Moore Grant, Founder of the Amicable Divorce Network

“Having everything so concretely and powerfully laid out in divorce can be exciting to know that you have power. To know that you are in control. Many people with ADHD feel out of control. So having that control can be very satisfying.”

David DeWitt, CFP

“I will always say to people that they need to talk to the experts like you guys!”

Kate Anthony, Your Divorce Survival Guide

“You have to check out At least get on a phone call, make a consult, look at their resources. Because this stuff is great.”

Michelle Dempsey-Multack, Author of Moms Moving On

“Imagine the savings if both parties and their divorce team agreed to work with the same financial blueprint that collects financial information, assesses components of the entire marital estate, interprets those components into language that everyone can understand and present a framework that enables parties to compromise with clarity?”

Laurie Itkin, The Options Lady

Secure the Quality of Life You Deserve Post-Divorce

Without having an overly complicated and contentious divorce legal battle

Average Divorce

  • No plan for divorce
  • Time-consuming and expensive discovery process
  • Incomplete financial analysis
  • Lengthy divorce
  • Costly legal fees
  • Contentious legal battle
  • Winner and loser

Divorce Financial Portrait ™

  • Personalized financial divorce plan
  • Efficient, patent-pending divorce preparation process
  • Complete, accurate and neutral financial analysis
  • Faster divorce
  • Fewer legal fees
  • More amicable
  • Compromise and equitable outcomes for both parties

Secure Your Financial Future with
Financial Divorce Prep

Divorce preparation through financial planning

The Divorce Financial Portrait™ is a personalized financial divorce plan.

Save up to 80% on divorce costs with the #1 way to prepare for divorce – The Divorce Financial Portrait™.

Invest in yourself, prepare for divorce, and secure your financial future.

Client Testimonials

  • Catherine and Karen are amazing. They are thoughtful, intelligent, and extremely efficient. I have been continually impressed by them and their entire staff throughout the process. They have made a very difficult situation much more manageable, and I feel confident in their skills as we navigate a fair solution for both parties. I highly recommend this company, without reservation. Save yourself some major headaches and know that they will take great care of you during this stressful time!

    Liz Stafford Avatar Liz Stafford
    March 2, 2023

    We began working with Catherine and Karen instead of Attorneys. After getting all the info to them they were able to put together data that was easy to read and understand for everyone involved. Unfortunately my former spouse still wanted to use an attorney. The Attorneys only lie and create drama adding time and money to divorce. In the end our settlement was about the same as they presented day one except the Attorneys got a big pay day. Use My Divorce not an Attorney.

    Brendan Reilley Avatar Brendan Reilley
    January 9, 2023

    Soon after I signed on to My Divorce Solution, I realized fully that I signed onto peace of mind. All group members have been found to share in a compassionate and understanding way to my situation and have professionally formulated a financial strategy that I feel shall be of benefit to me upon finalization of my divorce. This for me provides peace of mind during this difficult period of my life.

    Dan Krochmal Avatar Dan Krochmal
    December 9, 2022
  • My Divorce Solutions was instrumental in helping me get through the divorce process. Although they did not mediate my divorce, they were there for me every step of the process. I could not have navigated all the highways and biways of divorce without them!

    Leesa Shulman Avatar Leesa Shulman
    March 9, 2021

    Thank you for all you have done for us, and that you do for others. I don’t have to tell you that few things in life are more important and far reaching than how these family crossroads are handled, and you do it so well and gracefully. You and your work are truly a gift to society!

    Vera Cole Avatar Vera Cole
    March 9, 2020

    I had the privilege of working with Karen. She displayed such kindness and compassion towards me and took my hand every step of the way. My divorce was an extremely painful process but I knew Karen was right there with me if I needed anything at all. Thank you so much!!

    Lori Kuhns Avatar Lori Kuhns
    March 9, 2019
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We Chat Divorce Podcast

The #1 Podcast for Financial Divorce Preparation Tips and Strategies.

We Chat Will Be Right Back!

You heard it here first! We are taking a short break from the We Chat Divorce Podcast, and coming back better than ever! Starting Fall 2024, our podcast will be released in seasons! Each season, we will dive even deeper into certain topics like… Preparing...

115. The Flawed Premises In Divorce Financial Planning

Welcome back to another episode of We Chat Divorce! Today, we chatted with Dawn Wiggins, a Marriage and Family Therapist, on everything from the importance of separating from your emotions to getting prepared, and developing strategies to navigate your divorce with...

In We Chat Divorce, we demystify divorce – offering bimonthly deep dives into divorce and its financial impacts.

In each episode, we break down a divorce topic and examine its impacts on your finances. The financial aspect of divorce is often overshadowed by the legal process, yet divorce plays such a large role in the security of your financial future.
Join us each episode as we chat divorce, shine light on the tough topics of divorce, and bring clarity and confidence to your divorce journey.

Your hosts, Karen Chellew, Legal Liaison, and Catherine Shanahan, CDFA, co-founders of My Divorce Solution, have both experienced divorce and deliver timely divorce insights and information – from both professional and personal experience.

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