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Is My Divorce Solution Right For You?

We help you untangle your finances from your spouse. Divorce Financial Preparation Services may be right for you if any of these situations apply:



You and/or your spouse have a primary home, rental property, vacation home, car, boat, jewelry, or other real estate

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Financial Accounts

You and/or your spouse have a checking, savings, investment, insurance, or retirement account you share with a spouse

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Credit or Debt

You and/or your spouse have a mortgage, car loan, credit card, or student loans

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Business Assets

You and/or your spouse work at a family -owned business

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You have executive compensation, estates, financial assets, or family trusts to protect

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High Conflict

You anticipate a contentious divorce

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You are concerned your spouse is hiding assets like crypto or executive compensation benefits/ incentives/ awards

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You are worried about how your role in the marriage (stay at home parent, working spouse) impacts your financial future

Protect yourself by being prepared

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Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce preparation through financial planning

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Divorce Financial Planning gives you a personalized financial plan for your divorce. Clients receive:

  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst – Expert CDFA financial analysis to begin untangling your marital finances
  • Mandatory Financial Disclosures – We prepare all the financial disclosures and documents you’ll need for divorce in your state
  • Settlement Negotiation Tool – A complete inventory of your unique marital assets and settlement options for each asset
  • Divorce Preparation Platform – A secure portal that organizes your financial divorce documents and analysis with easy access for your divorce team

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What is the Divorce Financial Portrait™?
A personalized financial divorce plan that prepares you for divorce.

The Divorce Financial Portrait™ includes:

  • CDFA Financial Analysis – Expert financial analysis, based on your income, assets, expenses, and liabilities, with property division scenario based on client(s)’ request
  • Financial Disclosures – State specific financial disclosures and family budgets
  • Settlement Negotiation Tool – A comprehensive report identifying property settlement considerations and implications
  • Divorce Preparation Platform – Secure, mobile access to us and your catalogue of documents anytime, anywhere
  • Support Calculations – Financial calculations for support (if applicable) 

The Divorce Financial Portrait™ puts you in control of your divorce – giving you the financial insights required to make informed, confident decisions throughout divorce. 

Does The Divorce Financial Portrait™ Work in My State?
Yes, all of our services, including the Divorce Financial Portrait™, are available in all 50 US States. 


Can I Work with My Divorce Solution If I Already Have a Lawyer or Mediator?
Yes! We love working with client(s) who’ve connected to a professional divorce team.  Our work does not replace attorneys or mediators.  We are additive – not replacements. 

The Divorce Financial Portrait streamlines the expensive Discovery and Settlement phases, but it doesn’t replace the work divorce professionals do to represent your interests and negotiate on your behalf. 

The Divorce Financial Portrait puts you in control in your divorce and gives your attorney / mediator a clear financial plan to securing your financial future.


Do I Need a Divorce Financial Portrait™ if I’m doing a DIY Divorce?
No matter which way you get divorced, The Divorce Financial Portrait will always be the best way to prepare for divorce because it puts you in control with the financial insights needed to make clear, confident negotiation decisions. 
Do I Need an Attorney or Mediator if I get a Divorce Financial Portrait™?
Yes, in most cases, divorce attorneys and mediators are an essential part of the divorce process.  The Divorce Financial Portrait is not a replacement for legal representation.  The Divorce Financial Portrait is a personalized financial divorce plan that you provide your attorney / mediator so they understand what’s important to you.

We recommend everyone develop a professional divorce team specific to the complexity of their divorce. 

Who is the Divorce Financial Portrait™ For?
We work with anyone going through a divorce. We can work with individuals or families.  Ideally, we support clients at the beginning of the divorce journey, but we also support clients deeply entrenched in legal battles that need a framework for smart financial decisions beyond a net worth statement. 

We’d love to support you if you’re at any of the following stages:

  • Considering divorce and looking for information on its impact on your financial future
  • Separated and ready to move forward with the division of assets and property
  • Entrenched in a contentious legal battle that seems to be going nowhere and in need of expert, third party financial analysis
Who Is My Divorce Solution?
We are two women who went through divorce, felt “there’s got to be a better way,” and co-founded My Divorce Solution so others don’t have to face divorce like we did – alone, fearful, and uncertain.

Client Testimonial

  • Catherine and Karen are amazing. They are thoughtful, intelligent, and extremely efficient. I have been continually impressed by them and their entire staff throughout the process. They have made a very difficult situation much more manageable, and I feel confident in their skills as we navigate a fair solution for both parties. I highly recommend this company, without reservation. Save yourself some major headaches and know that they will take great care of you during this stressful time!

    Liz Stafford Avatar Liz Stafford
    March 2, 2023

    We began working with Catherine and Karen instead of Attorneys. After getting all the info to them they were able to put together data that was easy to read and understand for everyone involved. Unfortunately my former spouse still wanted to use an attorney. The Attorneys only lie and create drama adding time and money to divorce. In the end our settlement was about the same as they presented day one except the Attorneys got a big pay day. Use My Divorce not an Attorney.

    Brendan Reilley Avatar Brendan Reilley
    January 9, 2023

    Soon after I signed on to My Divorce Solution, I realized fully that I signed onto peace of mind. All group members have been found to share in a compassionate and understanding way to my situation and have professionally formulated a financial strategy that I feel shall be of benefit to me upon finalization of my divorce. This for me provides peace of mind during this difficult period of my life.

    Dan Krochmal Avatar Dan Krochmal
    December 9, 2022
  • My Divorce Solutions was instrumental in helping me get through the divorce process. Although they did not mediate my divorce, they were there for me every step of the process. I could not have navigated all the highways and biways of divorce without them!

    Leesa Shulman Avatar Leesa Shulman
    March 9, 2021

    Thank you for all you have done for us, and that you do for others. I don’t have to tell you that few things in life are more important and far reaching than how these family crossroads are handled, and you do it so well and gracefully. You and your work are truly a gift to society!

    Vera Cole Avatar Vera Cole
    March 9, 2020

    I had the privilege of working with Karen. She displayed such kindness and compassion towards me and took my hand every step of the way. My divorce was an extremely painful process but I knew Karen was right there with me if I needed anything at all. Thank you so much!!

    Lori Kuhns Avatar Lori Kuhns
    March 9, 2019

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