At My Divorce Solution, We Help Clear Things Up

  February 1, 2017

Here at My Divorce Solution, we help navigate the divorce process.  The thought of divorce can be overwhelming and stressful and can cause an enormous sense of confusion, fear and self-doubt.  You may have trouble looking beyond marriage to imagine a new life for yourself.   

Catherine and I founded My Divorce Solution, and are passionate about using our own experiences with divorce to help others.   We are committed to the empowerment of women as they navigate the emotionally trying process of divorce. To date, we have helped hundreds of women and men through the complicated and layered process. 

How do we help?  Well, we certainly do not give legal advice, nor do we pretend that complicated legal matters don’t exist.  Because they do exist and they can  seem like insurmountable issues.  Catherine and I are fortunate to have experience in both the legal world and the financial world to be able to help clients “pack their backpack” of sorts to ready themselves for the process. 

We are excited that our online course has launched just this week which provides information, resources, guides and worksheets so that anyone facing the prospect of a divorce can get the “lay of the land” before embarking on their journey.


We believe in marriage, but when it does not work, we know that women deserve to go forward to create happy lives for themselves. I was married early at 19 and learned the hard way that divorce can be rough. I spent nearly $30,000 on a divorce that took 10 years to finalize, even though I worked at a law firm! 

That, in and of itself did not mean that I knew how divorce would specifically affect me and my children and I did not know how to navigate the process for me and my family.  Catherine is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, trained Mediator, and Certified Daily Money Manager. Four years ago she also went through a difficult divorce and is passionate to demystify the divorce process for as many people as she can.

We know we have found our calling by helping others through the emotional process of divorce.

At My Divorce Solution, we walk our client through the divorce process and assists them by helping them prepare for this major life event. Many people consult My Divorce Solution when they are considering divorce.  We help our clients find skilled legal counsel to assist with representation and advice for legal matters, both simple and complex.

There are also those times when an attorney is needed on the case right away and we are able to immediately connect them with effective legal counsel for their urgent needs.

We often refer clients to therapists and other professionals as well. We hear from so many clients, we wish we would have known about you before we started the divorce process! 

Many of our clients call us and tell us that their attorney told him/her to call us and then come back once they have gone through our unique three step program. 

Law firms like Towson Divorce Lawyers  Woodbridge Divorce Lawyers at Lyons & Associates, P.C. have quoted our article as published in The Washington Times and other publications across the nation, because there is no one like us out there. 

We are fortunate to work with trusted attorneys, therapists and other professionals who recognize the incredible value of our services. You see, we are truly changing the face of divorce and are bringing a sense of knowing and empowerment to our clients. 

Divorce is not easy. Regardless of whether you are just beginning to consider divorce as an option, or whether you are certain that it is the best path forward for your family, we understand and we are here for you. 

Karen Chellew is a legal liaison at My Divorce Solution who partners with Catherine Shanahan, CDFA. My Divorce Solution is committed to helping divorcing couples develop a transparent plan via a three-phase process to optimize the outcome of their divorce. Phase 1 is the development of the financial portrait.
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