Game Plan
Just as two teams meticulously prepare for the Super Bowl with a solid game plan, navigating a divorce requires a comprehensive financial strategy to secure a victory for your future. 


Let’s break down the essential steps to creating your post-divorce financial game plan: 1️⃣ Huddle Up: Gather Your Financial TeamJust as the two teams rely on the expertise of their coaches and players, rely on a different type of “coach”, enlist My Divorce Solution to form your winning team.2️⃣ Review the Playbook: Understand Your Financial StandingBefore making any moves, assess your current financial situation—assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. The two teams analyze their opponents’ strategies meticulously; similarly, understanding your financial landscape is crucial.3️⃣ Call the Plays: Set Financial GoalsDefine clear, achievable financial goals for your future. Whether it’s securing a home, saving for retirement, or investing in your child’s education, having a goal line in mind is key.4️⃣ Execute with Precision: Budgeting and SavingImplement a budget that aligns with your goals. Just as teams make calculated plays to advance down the field, your budget is your playbook for financial progress.5️⃣ Defensive Strategies: Protect Your AssetsJust like the two teams defend their end zones, use legal and financial strategies to protect your assets. Consider insurance, estate planning, and an emergency fund as your defensive line.6️⃣ Review and Adjust: Stay FlexibleThe best teams adapt their strategies to the dynamics of the game. Regularly review your financial plan and adjust as needed to ensure you’re always moving towards your goals.Teams don’t make it to the Super Bowl on a whim. It takes seasons of strategic planning, training, and resilience. Similarly, achieving financial stability post-divorce isn’t an overnight success. It requires dedication, expert advice, and a solid game plan and support from the team at My Divorce Solution! With the right team, a clear understanding of your finances, and a strategic plan, you can navigate the complexities of divorce and emerge victorious, ready to tackle your financial future with confidence. 

catherine shanahan

Catherine Shanahan, Co-founder & CDFA

Catherine Shanahan is a Divorce Financial Specialist & CDFA at My Divorce Solution who partners with Karen Chellew, LL. My Divorce Solution is committed to helping divorcing individuals develop a transparent plan to optimize the outcome of their divorce. 

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