Revolutionizing the Divorce Process Through Financial Empowerment and Innovation

In a world where businesses often thrive by addressing unsolved problems or refining existing solutions, My Divorce Solution stands out as a pioneering force, reshaping the landscape of divorce. With a unique blend of personal experience and innovative methodology, My Divorce Solution is transforming one of life’s most challenging journeys into a more manageable and equitable process.

Founded on the basis of personal trials and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in divorce, Catherine Shanahan and Karen Chellew, co-founders of My Divorce Solution, have turned their hardships into a source of empowerment for others. The American divorce system, notorious for its lengthy, costly, and often contentious nature, is undergoing a significant transformation thanks to My Divorce Solution’s vision. By equipping families with comprehensive financial plans, My Divorce Solution is changing the narrative from conflict and confusion to one of clarity and collaboration.

At the heart of My Divorce Solution’s mission is a commitment to providing individuals with essential knowledge and tools to navigate the financial complexities of divorce. This approach not only saves substantial legal fees but also fosters healthier post-divorce relationships. It’s a testament to the principle that impactful businesses often emerge from solving personal challenges.

My Divorce Solution’s strategy involves giving clients a clear picture of their marital estate, enabling them to make informed decisions that secure their financial futures. This methodology has not only earned them a stunning 99% client satisfaction rate but also positioned them as a beacon of change in an industry fraught with challenges.

By addressing a gap in the divorce process, My Divorce Solution has created a service that is not just a business venture but a movement towards a more equitable and humane approach to divorce. As the dialogue around divorce evolves, reducing stigma and promoting informed decision-making, My Divorce Solution is at the forefront, advocating for a shift from traditional, often adversarial practices to those grounded in transparency and fairness. This aligns with the visions of industry trailblazers who emphasize the importance of social change and community-focused solutions.

My Divorce Solution isn’t merely offering a service; it’s leading a paradigm shift in the divorce sector. By turning personal challenges into a visionary business model, My Divorce Solution exemplifies how addressing real-world problems can lead to substantial, positive change, both in individual lives and in broader societal contexts.

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catherine shanahan

Catherine Shanahan, Co-founder & CDFA

Catherine Shanahan is a Divorce Financial Specialist & CDFA at My Divorce Solution who partners with Karen Chellew, LL. My Divorce Solution is committed to helping divorcing individuals develop a transparent plan to optimize the outcome of their divorce. 

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