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Join Us For The Mrs2Me Summit: Embracing the Divorce Journey and its Impact on Women

Event Details:

  Saturday, September 14, 2019
  8:30AM – 5:00PM
  Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island

The Mrs2Me Summit: Embracing the Divorce Journey and its Impact on Women features a unique combination of a knowledgeable faculty, a stimulating but safe atmosphere and a relaxing locale.

The summit harnesses the collective wisdom, experience and energy of inspirational women who have experienced this journey and found that there is a better life to be had after divorce. Because of the nature of this experience, capacity is limited to 50 participants, so please do not delay to register.

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Panel Topics and Speakers

Getting Personal with Catherine Shanahan

At age 18, she was the first one in her family to leave home to attend college. By age 23, she was the top producing female financial advisor in the Philadelphia area. And at age 27, she walked away from it all to become a full time mom to three step-children and eventually two of her own while her husband rose to the top of his career

The next 23 years brought much joy watching her children flourish into young adults, but the verbal abuse she received from her partner during that time restrained her from reaching the true happiness she deserved. At 44, she decided it was time for her to reclaim her future and filed for divorce.

With hopes of a fresh start and a desire to help others through the divorce process, Catherine co-founded My Divorce Solution, a company whose mission is to transform an experience she knew far too well from a difficult one into an empowering one. As a trained certified divorce financial analyst, a mediator, and daily money manager, Catherine stands strong by her commitment to ensure no women allows divorce to define who they are. She is excited her share her own experience with divorce, the lessons she’s learned from the brave women she’s surrounded by, and why she’s more inspired than ever for women single, married, and everything in-between.

Sarah Hanna and Failing Forward: The Success Story of Your New Era

When you are going through a divorce and coming out of your marriage, reflecting on your life and seeing only the failures and negatives of the life you left, is normal. You may feel a host of emotions: grief, relief, guilt, excitement, depression and/or elation.

Like the phoenix who rises from the ashes, you too can live a better and more passionate life because of the experience of coming through the fire. Those flames are forging you into the person you are meant to become. Let this be your “Phoenix Process:” an exciting and educational adventure.

About Sarah: Sarah Hanna is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant. Her seminars range from women’s issues, leadership to business operations. She is a serial entrepreneur and ‘survivor’ of the divorce process. She is passionate about her subject matter and brings enthusiasm and relatability to her audiences. She has traveled throughout the U.S. presenting to attendees for over 15 years.

Her ‘day job’ is that of CEO and founder of ECS North which provides business consulting services, training and healthcare revenue cycle management to clients’ coast to coast.

Getting From Here to There with Stephanie Olexa, PhD, MBA

Remember the days before flawless GPS systems? I found my destinations using the “ever-decreasing concentric circles” method, which basically meant wandering around till I stumbled on my destination. Now, it’s easy to see the end location and the fastest, most scenic or most direct route.

If only we had a flawless GPS system to help us through our life transitions. In this session we will experience the personal transition GPS path: Feel, Connect, Envision, Create, Commit. Using this technique, we will identify ways that we get stuck, how to get unstuck and how to redefine personal and professional success. Join me for the journey!

About Stephanie: Stephanie defines herself as a “learning junkie”, always embracing new ideas and challenges. She has experienced dramatic transitions in her personal life and professional career. She grew up the working-class community around Bethlehem Steel Company but went on to get a PhD in Biochemistry and an MBA in finance. She worked for two Fortune 100 companies before starting her own business which became a nationwide network of independent testing labs. After she sold the business, she became an executive coach and consultant. She is a certified leadership coach through Georgetown University, certified in Lean and Six Sigma through Villanova University, a Certified Family Business Advisor and a Governance and Leadership Fellow through National Association of Corporate Directors. She divorced after 24 years of marriage, but now is married to her best friend.

Danielle Bucsek and It's About Us: A Voice Inside the Hidden Statistic of Divorce

In just this year alone, one million children will experience their parents getting divorced. Of those, close to half will go on to see their parents divorce a second time and 10% will see it happen 3 or more times.

The nature of divorce in the US is not an uncommon one, but the conversation surrounding the children who experience it is. Danielle Bucsek will be speaking as a voice of one of those one million children to share her personal experience with divorce, the suggestions she has for those overcoming it, and why she believes it could be a family’s best decision.

About Danielle: While Danielle Bucsek holds many different titles including Associate for one of the largest financial firms in the country, the title she regards the highest is a child of divorce. After her own parent’s divorce in 2011, Danielle experienced first-hand how powerless children can feel in such a powerful life event. Since then, Danielle has been working to redirect the spotlight back onto the inheritors of the issue and open a dialogue to help them understand, overcome, and conquer one of life’s most redefining moments.

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