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My Divorce Solution 3-Phase Process

Your Customized Blueprint to Navigating the Divorce Process.

After your one-hour consultation to assess specific needs, we’ll create a customized, plan to help you navigate your divorce journey, built on our 3-Phase Process.

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How the 3-Phase Process Works

First, we establish your personalized pre-divorce plan, which outlines your divorce strategy from start to finish. Next, we advise you through every aspect of the divorce process, including financial analysis, budgeting, mediation, collaboration with your legal team, and guidance and support when you need it most

Finally, we work with you to develop your financial goals and implement your post-divorce plan so you can begin your new life with confidence. We are your divorce advisors every step of the way. Make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Explore the 3-Phase Process

Phase 01: Your Personalized Plan

From the moment you consider filing for separation or divorce, we’re the first members of your team of divorce advisors. We provide you with a comprehensive plan based on your unique situation to ensure your needs are met during the divorce process. At My Divorce Solution, we look at you and your divorce holistically to create a strategic, customized approach that empowers you through this critical moment in your life.

During this scary and uncertain time, we’re here as your divorce advocates and advisors, your sounding board. We’re here to ensure you have the clarity you need to feel empowered as you move through your divorce.

Phase 02: Expert Guidance

Our My Divorce Solution team supports you through every aspect of the divorce process. After the first step, developing your personalized plan, we’ll help you implement that plan.

We’ll organize and prioritize essential tasks, assess your financial needs, and assist you with budgeting during divorce. We’ll answer any question you have and ensure these important to-dos are completed. We’ll also collaborate with your assembled team of experts to gather all necessary documentation to keep the process moving.

Your family and friends are obviously a key part of your support team, but they’re also emotionally enmeshed in the divorce, which makes it hard for them to be objective. As an external third party, we help you avoid decisions made out of emotion and guide you toward rational, logical choices. We also provide referrals if you need to talk to someone about your feelings.

Phase 02: Expert Guidance (Continued)

We’ll work with you to develop effective negotiation skills. By reviewing settlement options and identifying their pros, cons and long and short-term impact, you’ll be prepared to articulate and negotiate your needs. We make sure you know how your choices will affect your cash flow, taxes, and income now and in the years to come.

We assist you in finding an attorney who is right for you and your situation. By assessing your personality and needs, we interview and recommend attorneys in order to align you with the right person for your situation. We also explain how to interact with your attorney throughout the divorce process. The time you spend with your attorney is critical. It’s also expensive.

It’s easy for your lawyer to assume you know more than you do about legal issues, and you might not know what you don’t know. That’s a recipe for divorce disaster. We’ll answer your questions, help you prepare for attorney meetings (so you can feel confident and competent at each stage of your divorce), and help you attain the best return on your investment in your legal counsel.

If you request it, we’ll even attend meetings with you and your attorney to help explain your concerns and get the answers you need.

Phase 03: Your Financial Plan

We set you on the right path post-divorce so you can focus on your new life. We help you address some post-divorce to-dos to ensure you have a clear outlook and fresh start.

Life after divorce can be an emotional time; the decisions you make have lasting effects on you and your family. We help you proactively rebuild your financial future, tie up loose ends (such as asset transfers, beneficiary changes, and will updates). We’ll advise you on how you and your financial planner can reach your specific goals – and to ensure you make the best decisions for your new financial future.

Through our expert guidance, and using our powerful proprietary software, we help you determine the short-term and long-term financial impact of any divorce proposal under consideration.

By creating personalized reports and graphs to illustrate your financial status, we’ll help you understand your cash flow and combined net worth. Together, let’s develop a realistic budget, including a complete pre- and post-divorce lifestyle analysis. Knowing where you stand and where you’re headed is key to feeling confident and financially secure during and after the divorce process.

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