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Are You Being Bullied in Divorce?

  February 15, 2017

3 Positive Ways to Stand Up for Yourself

When we think about bullying, we often think of bigger kids in a schoolyard or playground being mean to the smaller ones. We don’t often consider bullying between adults, yet bullying does happen in divorce. 

The effects of bullying on families going through a divorce are devastating and heartbreaking. As bullying is currently being addressed on a national level in our schools, it’s also time to address this common problem in divorce.

It is a known fact that people bully out of the insecurity they feel about themselves, and nothing brings about feelings of
insecurity like dissolving a marriage.

One or both parties feel completely abandoned, afraid they’ll lose everything, and unsure about what their lives will look like after divorce. It’s important to understand how bullying happens through divorce so you can learn how to stand up for yourself during this difficult life transition.

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