On this episode, we are honored to welcome Kelly Galardi. Kelly is a CPA that provides tax advisory services for small businesses and individuals. She specializes in working with clients who are separating or divorcing.

Let’s chat about… yes, TAXES.

There is a lot to deal with during a divorce. Add to the list more complicated paperwork during tax filing time…ugh!

  • Do I file separately or jointly while I am going through a divorce?
  • Benefits to filing as head of household.
  • Electronically Filing joint tax returns, without both spouses having signed off!? OH MY! What you will need is a 8879 form annually.
  • Where do I go to find the status of my stimulus payment? Imagine a couple who filed taxes jointly in 2018, and their refund was direct deposited into their joint bank account. But they divorced in 2019, and they no longer share the bank account…

We hope you enjoy listening to this month’s episode of We Chat Divorce.

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IRS Stimulus Check Tracker http://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment

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