In this episode, we are Frankly Speaking with the co-authors of Our Happy Divorce, Nikki and Ben. 

Nikki knows how being supported by a strong, loving family can influence the way a person navigates life, love, marriage, and motherhood. Having grown up as a member of the iconic San Francisco 49ers football family, she was thrown into the limelight at a young age. The values her family instilled in her have helped shape who she is today, and she continues to live by them.coparents

Ben intimately understands the detriment divorce can cause in the lives of children. The example of his parents’ divorce instilled in him a deep commitment “to do” better by his own kids. Ben is an investor, board member, philanthropist, golfer, and sports enthusiast. But above all, he is a dedicated father and family man who understands the importance of putting his ego aside and his children first.


Nikki and Ben define their own personal story with us and discuss what happy looks like today. Inspired by their son, they developed ways to co-parent, step-parent with an emphasis on putting the children first. As they say, “If we can do it, anyone can do it”.

As Catherine says, “DIVORCE does not mess your kids up, it is how both parents BEHAVE before, during, and after divorce that can mess your children up.”

There is a different way to get Divorced. Let’s talk about it…

  • Getting to the “Happy” … We chat about cleaning up the wreckage of the past and forgiveness.
  • How can we stop pointing the finger at our spouse and get honest with ourselves?
  • Do not fool yourself, your children know what is going on.
  • Open discussions about financial settlements and joint custody.
  • Using the Divorce Process to redefine what your life, your finances, and relationship will be like post-divorce.
  • Co-Parenting and Step-parenting survival tips during the pandemic.

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Whether you are thinking of divorce/separation, are in the midst of a divorce, or embarking on your new life after divorce, this episode has something to help you.

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