In this episode of the We Chat Divorce podcast, we welcome back Colleen Kowal, LPC of Hilton Head Island Counseling. Colleen is a relationship specialist who believes that what sits at the heart of most problems is a broken relationship. Her private practice specializes in relationship therapy, working with couples to save and end marriages in a way that doesn’t destroy the family’s children and brings insight. She joins us to talk about The Art of Repairing.

Repair? I’m getting divorced. There is nothing to repair…

There is an art to repairing what is broken, even after divorce with no intention of getting back together. What does require repair is the new post-divorce relationship, especially when the former spouses will be co-parenting.

  • When you get divorced it doesn’t mean the relationship is over. It is a new beginning. There will still be birthday parties, graduations, weddings, where the family unit will gather.
  • Sometimes a repair isn’t possible if either person isn’t capable or ready.
  • If only one parent is ready to repair, be the best example possible.
  • Consider what behavior you practiced in this relationship – not speaking up, not setting boundaries – that you can begin practicing in the post-divorce relationship and be aware of so that you don’t carry it into your next relationship.

Whether you are thinking of divorce, are in the midst of divorce, or are embarking on your new life after divorce, this episode has something to help you.

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