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Resolution to Divorce

  December 29, 2017

Is divorce on your list of New Year’s Resolutions? Start with these four simple steps

It’s that time of year again. Resolutions and new beginnings are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. The decision to get a divorce is one of the top New Year’s resolutions, leading to January being dubbed, “divorce month.”

Once the decision to leave a marriage is made, fear, guilt, and uncertainty begin to flood in, which results in indecision and questioning the decision to leave.

If your New Year is starting with divorce, follow these four simple tips to help you gain clarity and confidence in your decision – whether you stay or leave. These steps are just as important for you if it’s your spouse who wants the divorce.

  1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

It’s normal to question the effects of your decision as it relates to the well-being of your children, your family, and your friends.  It’s important to remember you don’t have to figure it all out today.  The only thing you need to do today is acknowledge how you feel about leaving your marriage. The only person who knows if this decision is right for you is you. Trust that when you acknowledge how you feel and you accept those feelings, you’ll be able to make the best decision for you. Once you are clear about your feelings and your decision, then you can explore what this will mean for your family.

  1. Get Informed About What’s to Come

One of the biggest reasons divorce is so difficult is we often feel left in the dark about where to start, what’s to come, and what life will look like, feel like, and be like after divorce. It’s imperative to take the time to learn how divorce works, how divorce will impact you financially, and how it will affect your living situation. You should also think through best and worst-case scenarios for your children so that you can prepare.

You might be wondering where you can you go to find this information — the key steps and how to prepare for what’s to come emotionally and financially. At My Divorce Solution, we’ve been helping women transition through divorce in a positive and empowering way for many years. We guide you through the entire divorce process and help you gain clarity over your finances, your next steps, and help you understand the multitude of terms and processes involved in a divorce.  Our assistance allows you to be clear and confident at every stage of the divorce process.

  1. Get Organized

Even if you decide to stay in your marriage, it’s important to have a sense of your financial standing. Take the time to gather financial documents such as bank statements, credit card statements, year-end mortgage statements, and tax records from previous years. This is also a good time to do a credit check. Make copies of these documents and store them in a safe place.

divorce resolution

Make a Plan

Allow yourself to make a plan that can be revised and tweaked on a daily basis.  You don’t have to figure it all out from beginning to end. Your plan may become very fluid as you become more informed and acclimated to what divorce may mean for you and your family.  This allows you to take one step at a time, removing the fear and anxiety about what your life will look like after divorce if you do decide to leave your marriage. With a plan, you’ll be empowered, informed, and engaged as you interact with your entire divorce team (attorney/mediator, CDFA, etc.).

Having the right information about what steps to take, knowing what’s to come in divorce, and gaining clarity about your next steps, will relieve you from a tremendous about of stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

At My Divorce Solution, we believe knowledge is power – and in divorce, it’s everything! Allow every day to be a part of your journey that may or may not result in divorce. Whether you decide to leave or stay, you’ll be clear about your feelings, about your finances and your next steps.

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