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Divorce is a difficult and painful process. Deep down, you’d feel so much better if you only had a map of the divorce process. If you knew what to expect during divorce and what your life will look like after it. You know you need the right information to guide you in making important financial and emotional decisions that support a positive and secure future.

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You have no idea what to expect during or after divorce. You rely on an attorney or a mediator to determine your future, and truly, you have no control over the outcome. You worry your children’s future lies in the hands of complete strangers. You can’t even get answers to basic questions without being billed by your lawyer.

Get the information, the tools, and the support you need. Turn to My Divorce Solution to help you navigate one of life’s most difficult transitions – from the comfort of your own home

Meet Your DivorceU Instructors

Karen Chellew


Karen Chellew is a legal liaison, experienced paralegal, and QDRO administrator. Karen is passionate about helping clients assemble the right team, from aligning with the right attorney and an exceptional financial planner to other professional service providers. She’s committed to helping you navigate divorce with confidence and clarity.

Catherine Shanahan


Catherine Shanahan is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), trained mediator, and Daily Money Manager. With more than 25 years’ experience in the financial industry, Catherine has dedicated the past several years to helping her clients understand and navigate all aspects of divorce, including planning a secure financial post-divorce future.

The DivorceU Online Course at a Glance

You won’t find a course like ours anywhere else. When we were experiencing our own divorces, this is information we eagerly sought – but could not find. We were left to experience divorce alone, without the support, guidance, or information we needed during this life-transition.

Lesson 1: On the Cusp of Divorce

In this first lesson, you’ll complete a personal assessment to determine where you are in this process. This is an important first step because being clear about where you are will help you make important next step decisions.


Lesson 2: All About Separation

In this lesson, you’ll be guided through the separation process, what to look out for and how to use separation as a platform for your divorce.


Lesson 3: Time for Divorce

In the next 5 lessons, you’ll learn all about the mechanical parts of divorce. By going through each step, you’ll learn what to expect, what’s coming and how to prepare for each part.


Lesson 4: Let’s Get Clear

This lesson focuses on your assets and liabilities. Knowing what you have and what you owe is the key to creating a realistic financial plan for your future.


Lesson 5: What’s Yours, What’s Mine and What’s Ours

This lesson focuses on one of the key components of divorce – property division. By having a comprehensive view of how assets are divided in divorce, and which assets are considered marital and non-marital, you’ll be able to prepare for your financial future.


Lesson 6 Part 1: How to Choose the Right Representation

In Part 1, you’ll learn the difference between a mediator and an attorney and how to choose the right representation for your divorce. Catherine and Karen offer many types of situations and which type of representation will most likely be needed.


Lesson 6 Part 2: What Questions to Ask in Hiring the Right Attorney

In Part 2, you’ll learn key questions to ask an attorney during the interview process to choose an attorney for your specific situation. You’ll also learn what to look out for when choosing an attorney so you can be an active part of this process instead of victim to it.


Lesson 7: Getting the Support You Need

This lesson covers the key considerations of alimony and the long-term ramifications and benefits of alimony payments and alimony buyout for both the payer and receiving party. By understanding the tax implications of each, you’ll be more able to plan for your future.


Lesson 8: Looking Out for Your Children

This lesson covers child support and child custody. By completing a Lifestyle Analysis Budget, you’ll gain a clear picture of what you’ll need to ensure your children will be taken care of for years to come.


Lesson 9: The Basic Steps of Divorce

This final mechanical lesson in this section outlines the steps of divorce so you know what’s coming and how to prepare. By understanding the entire process, you’ll feel more in control and more confident in making important decisions at each stage.


Lesson 10: Life After Divorce

Yes, there is life after divorce. Divorce is not the end, but the beginning of your new life. Catherine and Karen walk you through some important “Spring Cleaning” tips post-divorce to ensure that you can move forward in a positive and proactive way.


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