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Whether you need a check in, a check-up or a look-back, we can help you take stock of things to make sure you are getting all that you need and deserve. Not confident that the help and advice you’ve gotten up till now is serving you? We are divorce experts. We can help.

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Catherine Shanahan is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, trained mediator and Daily Money Manager and has been working in the financial industry for over 25 years. Catherine has dedicated the past several years to helping clients understand and navigate all aspects of divorce including planning a secure financial future post-divorce.

Karen Chellew is a legal liaison, experienced paralegal and QDRO administrator. She is an affiliated member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Karen is passionate about helping clients assemble the right team including alignment with the right attorney and other professional services. Karen also founded a women’s organization called Sisters U which focuses on helping women be their best.

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They reviewed the proposed settlement before I signed anything and they spotted three major oversights. Thank god they got involved when they did.

Jeanine Merritt, MyDivorceSolution Client

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